Bye Bye BH: Die Top 5 BH Alternativen

Goodbye Bra: The Top 5 Bra Alternatives

You've been trapped in an uncomfortable bra all day and can't wait to finally take it off at home? The bra can pinch, cut into the skin, and feel constricting all day long. Moreover, wearing a bra constantly can be a burden on your back. Of course, there is the option to completely do without a bra, but many women rely on it. The reasons for this are diverse: Some women do not want their nipples to be visible, while others use the bra as support for their breasts.

We know this all too well, which is why we've searched for the best Bra Alternatives. Who actually says we always have to wear a bra to feel comfortable? In this blog post, we'll introduce you to our top 5 bra alternatives and give you tips on how to go braless throughout the day. Let's banish the bra from our lives together!

1.) Boob Tape

2.) Bralette

3.) Wireless Bras

4.) Bodysuits

5.) Nipple Covers


Boob Tape

Boob Tape is a good alternative to a bra, especially for women with larger breasts. It's a type of adhesive tape that lifts and supports the breasts without being uncomfortable. Boob Tape comes in different colors and widths, making it easy to customize to your needs.


  • Not visible: Boob Tape is almost invisible.
  • Freedom of movement: Prevents unwanted glances and doesn't constrict.
  • Precise fit: Can be individually adjusted.


  • Not easy to apply: It can be difficult to apply it correctly at first.
  • Requires practice: To place the tape optimally and support the breasts properly.
  • Possible skin irritation: Removing the tape can cause skin irritation.

Our tip: If you want to try Boob Tape, take your time to apply it correctly. Practice in front of a mirror!



If the term "Bralette" is new to you, don't worry, we'll explain it to you. A Bralette is a comfortable and lightweight bra-like garment that, unlike a traditional bra, does not have wires or rigid cups. It is usually made of soft and elastic materials such as lace, silk, or cotton.

The greatest advantage is probably the comfort they offer. Bralettes are soft and lightweight, without annoying wires or heavy cups. This makes them ideal for long days or activities like yoga, pilates, or other sports where you move a lot.


  • Comfortable: Bralettes are soft and lightweight, without annoying wires or heavy cups.
  • Versatile: Can also be worn as a top and as an undershirt.
  • Nice details: Many Bralettes come with beautiful lace or bow details and can be worn under an open blouse or a low-cut top.


  • Not suitable for all breast types: Not suitable for all breast types.
  • No universal fit: Women with larger breasts may have trouble finding the right Bralette.
  • Not individually adjustable: Do not have adjustable straps, so they are not individually customizable.
  • Not always completely covering: Especially with see-through clothing, nipples may show through.


Wireless Bras

Wireless bras are a great alternative for women looking for more comfort. These bras have no wires and are therefore much more comfortable to wear. They usually have a slightly different fit than traditional bras and often offer less support. But that doesn't necessarily have to be a disadvantage, as many women prefer the more natural shape that wire-free bras provide.


  • More comfortable to wear: Without wires, there's no uncomfortable pressure on the chest.
  • More natural shape: Wireless bras often offer a more natural shape and subtly emphasize the breasts.
  • Gentler on the breasts: Wire-free bras exert less pressure on breast tissue, which is especially beneficial for women with sensitive skin or larger breasts.


  • Less support: Wire-free bras often offer less support than traditional bras for women with larger breasts.
  • Less shaping: Wire-free bras provide less shaping compared to bras with underwires.
  • Wireless bras do not provide separation between the breasts, which can lead to discomfort under tight-fitting clothing or during certain activities.


Body Suits

Body suits are one-piece garments that cover the body from top to bottom and are perfect as an alternative to a bra. They come in different designs and materials, from cotton to lace, and can be worn as both underwear and outerwear.


  • Seamless fit: Body suits offer a seamless fit and can be worn under tight clothing without wrinkles or bumps.
  • Enhanced figure: Their snug fit enhances the figure and can provide a sleek and elegant appearance.
  • Prevent slipping: They are less likely to slip out of pants or skirts than regular shirts, as they are attached at the bottom.


  • Sizing issues: Body suits can be challenging for some women to find the right size due to their tight fit and limited size options.
  • Difficulty in restroom use: They can make restroom use more challenging since you need to completely remove them.
  • Challenging to wear: Putting on and taking off body suits can be more challenging than regular shirts or tops.


Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are small pads that cover the nipples and can serve as an alternative to a bra. They are particularly practical when you want to wear a tight top or transparent clothing without a bra. Nipple covers come in different styles, from thin silicone pads to self-adhesive fabric pads. One major advantage is that they are very discreet and not visible under clothing.


  • Discreetness: They are very discreet and make nipples invisible.
  • Easy application: They are easy to use and can be simply stuck onto the nipples.
  • Flexible use: They are a good option for women who do not want or cannot wear bras, e.g., during pregnancy or while exercising.


  • Little support: They provide no support for the breasts.
  • Proper application: If not applied correctly, they can come off.
  • Sensitive skin: They may not be suitable for women with sensitive skin or allergies to adhesives.

So, if you're looking for a minimalist bra alternative that covers the nipples, nipple covers are for you! Nippli's nipple covers are made of 100% premium silicone and are easy to clean after use. This means you can have fun with your nipple covers up to more than 30 times. Inconspicuous and invisible, they accompany you through your daily life without you noticing it.

In summary, each of the alternatives mentioned has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to application and everyday suitability, you will make the best choice with Nippli's nipple covers to feel completely comfortable in your favorite outfit.

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