The Nipple Cover Revolution

Nippli steht für die Nippelcover Revolution

No more bothersome bras! No more tightness while moving! Forget all the annoying inconveniences caused by bras in everyday life and switch to Nipplis Nipple Covers now! Nipplis Premium Nipple Cover Revolution 2023!

Nippli - The number one choice among nipple covers.

Your unique sense of freedom with Nippli.

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Nipplis Nippelcover sind aus hochwertigen Silikon


From tight t-shirts to your favorite top, from sporty to elegant – we have the perfect Nipple Covers for you!

Off-shoulder? Backless? Form-fitting? – No problem with our Nipplis. Whether in white or any of your favorite colors – Nippli has the covers that will make you feel free!


Out with the old! Out with the ordinary solutions! Out with everything that has been offered to you so far.

With our Nipplis, you break free from old habits and experience an entirely new wearing sensation! Discover your freedom with the ultra-thin Nipple Covers from Nippli!

Nippli. – Experience the true Nipple Cover Revolution with us.

Old habits - Think anew.

Nipplis Nippelcover lassen dich deinen BH vergessen

Why wear a bra when you can wear Nipplis?

Do you actually look forward to the moment when you can finally take off your bra every day? That annoying thing pinches and squeezes at the most inconvenient times and in the most awkward places.

But that's not all! An important evening is coming up, and it's time for your backless dress. Unfortunately, once again, the bra straps don't fit the picture. Your favorite top doesn't look any better! Not to mention the annoying pressure marks.

As if that weren't enough, poorly fitting bras can lead to headaches, tension, or affect the connective tissue.

Really?! - It's high time to change that!

Finally, put an end to this stress and embark on the new bra-free Nippli experience!

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Free. Light. Nippli.

Nipplis Nippelcover sind aus Premium Silikon

Experience a sense of freedom with Nipplis Nipple Pads - 24/7!

Forget old habits and discover the free world of Nippli!

Nippli offers you a new wearing experience for all occasions and outfits - whether at work, during workouts, or at the next party.

Our Nipple Pads not only provide you with an excellent alternative to a bra - they also give you an exceptional new wearing sensation. And that too in a comfortable way, where you can feel free. Because Nippli offers you Germany's ultra-thin nipple covers. Only Nipplis Nipple Covers give you this unique feeling of freedom!


Nippli's unique features

  • 100% SILICONE


  • 100% OPAQUE