Collection: Nippelpads

Our nipple pads are sweat- and water-resistant and 100% opaque ✨ - Fits like a second skin and can be reused up to more than 30 times! ⭐

Find the right nipple pads for every occasion here!

With us, you can choose between thin premium nipple pads in various skin tones and styles.

The right care makes all the difference! Handle your pads carefully and use them for 30+ times! Experience a new feeling of wear!

Do you have questions about nipple pads? We have the answers!

What are nipple pads?

Nipple pads are thin, often self-adhesive pads that are placed over the nipples to conceal their contours under clothing and provide additional comfort.

From what material are the Nipplis made?

Our nipple pads are made of 100% premium silicone, which ensures a comfortable wearing experience.

How often can I use them?

Our nipple pads are reusable up to 30+ times, provided they are properly cared for.

How invisible are nipple pads under clothing?

The nipple pads are opaque and leave no imprints through the top. They stick like a second skin, without slipping.

How do I clean them properly?

Clean the self-adhesive nipple pads with water and mild soap after each use. After drying, they will adhere perfectly again. With careful care, they can be reused up to 30+ times. For optimal adhesion on cold days, you can apply a bit of body lotion or cream.

What's the difference between self-adhesive ones and those with adhesive?

The self-adhesive nipple pads adhere to our skin through light sweat, without the need for adhesive. The adhesive nipple pads are coated with skin-friendly adhesive. Both variants are equally thin, have the same color options, and can be reused up to 30+ times with proper care.

Can I wear Nipplis nipple pads while swimming?

Definitely! Nipplis are excellent for swimming under bikinis or swimsuits.

Are they suitable for women with piercings as well?

Yes, absolutely! Our nipple pads can be comfortably worn by women with piercings.