About Nippli

1. A dynamic startup

Nippli is a young, dynamic startup with the goal of revolutionizing the world of nipple pads. Nippli is a European brand based in Germany.

Our smart and versatile team not only listens to our customers' wishes but also lives the Nippli philosophy. We stand behind it with all our energy, creativity, and courage.

This is our commitment!

2. A creative team

Our team brings together specialists and managers with a holistic view and employees with an eye for detail. This includes product developers, marketing experts, graphic designers, and media designers.

Our customer management team takes care of customer inquiries. You can meet them in our customer support team on Instagram or via email support. They are there to assist you with your customer inquiries.

The head and heart of our team is our founder, Miriam Weilmünster. She embodies the ideas and creative energy. Like many of our customers, she was searching for solutions for a long time due to dissatisfaction with the existing offerings. Until she took the initiative and founded the Frankfurt lifestyle startup.

3. A feel-good experience all around

Because we are convinced of the quality and aesthetic standards of our nipple pads, we are passionate about our work.

In our team, we work on an equal footing with each other. We are young, competent, and prioritize you as the customer. You can also see this in our customer support. You will be greeted warmly, and your wishes will be promptly fulfilled. That's typical Nippli!

In addition to a vibrant company culture, what motivates us most is the thought of working on a top product that makes you feel good and free! And with growing success.

In a culture of collaboration and creativity, you as a customer benefit not only from a top-notch product but also from a good spirit - from an all-around good feeling!

Nippli - an all-around good feeling!

Our Team

  • Miriam Weilmünster die Gründerin von Nippli


    CEO & Founder

  • Mareike Kundensupport Managerin von Nippli


    Customer Support

  • Janik Vertriebsleiter von Nippli


    Sales Manager

  • Nippli Influencer Marketing Managerin Lynn


    Influencer Marketing

  • Chiara ist Influencer & Social Media Managerin bei Nippli


    Influencer & Social Media Management

  • Raha ist Social Media Managerin und Influencerin bei Nippli


    Influencer & Social Media Management

  • Daria

    Performance Marketing

  • SEO Manager Thanh von Nippli


    SEO & Performance Marketing

  • Marco Logistik Manager von Nippli


    Logistics Manager

  • Ute die Gute Steuerberaterin von Nippli

    Ute die Gute


Premium Nipple Cover Revolution 2023

Nippli unser Anspruch ist es euch die besten Nippelcover auf dem Markt zu bieten

Our Claim

Nippli is a German newcomer shop with the goal of offering you thin and comfortable nipple covers. You'll experience a new wearing sensation when you wear Nippli's nipple covers. Nipple covers that feel like a second skin and give you a new sense of freedom.

Wir von Nippli befreien dich von unbequemen BH Abdrücken

Best Service

We give our best every day to ensure that the goods arrive to you intact and quickly. We maintain close communication with our customers and their needs, allowing us to respond to your requirements in the shortest time possible. This way, you can enjoy your nipple pads as soon as possible.

Fair. Friendly. Reliable.

Because our goal is as simple as it is logical – we want delighted customers who recommend us.

Experience our quality and customer service for yourself.

Become a part of our Nippli family.

Nippli entwickelt sich ständig weiter, um dir das beste Produkt zu bieten

Continuous Improvement

As a young company, we are constantly evolving, improving our internal collaboration, and enhancing customer service.

If something isn't going smoothly, what is the feedback from the Nippli-Family? Where can processes be optimized?

Thanks to our Nippli philosophy, we implement potential improvements in no time. This benefits our enthusiastic Nippli customers above all.

Youthful. Free. Nippli.

Feel the difference and let yourself be inspired by the new experience!


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