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Double Pack Nipple Covers COLOR NUDE (2 Pairs) 4 Pieces

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Our ultra-thin Nipplis are as snug as a second skin. With a diameter of 8cm, they are suitable for all cup sizes and ensure the utmost wearing comfort.

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93% empfehlen Nippli®


For fair skin types

- 2-pack (2 pairs of nipple pads)

- High wearing comfort

- Premium quality

- 100% opaque

- No imprints through clothing

- Adheres like a second skin

- Reusable up to 30+ times

- Skin-friendliness tested and confirmed in Germany

For more information, visit the Info page!

  • 100% Premium Silikon


Diameter: 8cm

    Beschreibung des Bildes
    Double Pack Nipple Covers COLOR NUDE (2 Pairs) 4 Pieces
    Nipplis gibt es in verschiedenen Hauttönen
    Eigenschaften von Nippli Nippelcovern mit Kleber und selbsthaftend
    Nippelpads von Nippli in verschiedenen Hauttönen
    Double Pack Nipple Covers COLOR NUDE (2 Pairs) 4 Pieces
    Nipplis Original Nippelcover für deinen Hauttyp
    Nippelpads von Nippli sind einfach zu pflegen und wiederverwendbar
    Double Pack Nipple Covers COLOR NUDE (2 Pairs) 4 Pieces


    Over hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers

    Wearing comfort


    Quality and durability




    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between the self-adhesive Nipplis and the Nipplis with adhesive?

    The self-adhesive nipple covers adhere without the need for glue, thanks to the slight sweat on our skin. The adhesive nipple covers are coated with skin-friendly adhesive. Both variants are equally thin, offer the same color selection, and can be reused up to 30+ times with proper care.

    How do I clean my nipple covers?

    You can find detailed cleaning instructions here!

    Are Nipplis nipple covers suitable for swimming?

    Definitely! The Nipplis are great for swimming under bikinis or swimsuits.

    Can I wear Nippli nipple covers with piercings?

    Of course!