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Nipplis Vision

"I knew there had to be a better alternative than conventional nipple covers!"

Miriam - Founder and CEO of Nippli, your favorite brand for breast accessories

My vision with Nippli is to offer women more freedom in their daily lives! We women all know it - the bra pinches, squeezes, and is simply a nuisance in everyday life! The alternatives to bras are nipple covers. However, they never served their purpose for me. They have strange shapes, show through clothing, or are for one-time use. I knew I could do better! ...

Miriam Weilmünster präsentiert Nipplis Nippelcover

...So, I founded the brand NIPPLI in January 2022

With NIPPLI, we aim to provide women with the best and have clear visions! NIPPLI is the first love brand for nipple covers in Germany! Customer proximity, customer desires, and customer loyalty are our top priorities! We work daily to offer you the best results with NIPPLI. After extensive research into different materials and dimensions, we are firmly convinced that we can provide you with the best outcome. The features of our Nipplis speak for themselves: they are waterproof and sweatproof, super thin and opaque, and reusable up to 30+ times. With Nipplis, you can easily and comfortably navigate everyday life without feeling constricted or uncomfortable! That's our vision! This has allowed us to quickly establish ourselves as the most widely recognized nipple cover brand in Europe on social media and today, we are the number one nipple cover brand in Germany...

Die Gründerin Miriam Weilmünster mit den revolutionären Nippelcover

In 2022, the breakthrough came when Nippli was featured in the 12th season of "Die Höhle der Löwen"!

From several thousand satisfied customers, our Nippli Family overnight grew into tens of thousands of Nippli fans! The whole of Germany is talking about our Nipplis! It was the breakthrough for our start-up!


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